Salvage Car Removals

In general, a vehicle is deemed “salvage” when the insurer determines that the repair or replacement cost is in excess of approximately 70% of its market value at the time of the accident or theft.

Because a salvage title can be issued to a vehicle with easily repairable problems or no damage whatsoever, the low cost of the salvaged motorcycle or car is appealing to some hobbyists and investors. Experts recommend caution when purchasing a salvaged vehicle, because there may be hidden damage, which, if unrepairable, may render the vehicle a “pile of parts.”

Vehicles which carry a salvage title may not be registered and driven on public roads in most countries, which impacts resale value.

That is why we at We pay Cash for Cars NZ are the experts in Salvage Car Removal. We are just a call away so feel free to give us a call any time that is convenient to you and we will have your vehicle picked up and towed away in no time.

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